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We stock a wide variety of both prescription and non prescription medications that effectively treat numerous skin conditions and hair loss. Contact us today for a in depth skin consultation with one of our doctors.

One of the most common skin conditions we see is hyperpigmentation acne - a condition that affects both men and women. Our skin can have a huge impact on our confidence and self esteem - our treatments are clinically proven and always include a complete doctor follow up.

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Skincare and Hair Loss

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Bespoke Weight Loss Management






Dr. Kataria complemented his General Medicine and Surgery degree with a year long Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine for which he was awarded a Distinction. His areas of expertise is in wellness therapies to enhance recovery and performance. He currently works alongside Morecambe F.C. and is a registered Doctor for England Boxing. As a keen athlete he recently undertook a charity hike to Everest Base Camp!

We belive a multi-disciplinary team is key for the most effective sports medicine and wellness plans. As such we work close with Personal Trainers and have a dedicated Pain Consultant with over 30 years experience in Pain Management.


It is no secret that weight management and fitness enhancement can be difficult - at JUVAL we specialize in developing effective programs tailored specifically to your individual goals. Our program provides bespoke science-backed nutrition plans as well as individualized exercise regimes. We complement this with our comprehensive IV Therapy Regime as well as an effective supplementation plan inclusive of one to one support with our Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctors and Personal Trainer.

We work with a wide variety of patients ranging from those looking at solely losing weight to athletes looking to optimise their peak physique, performance and recovery.  

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy Injections are a proven hair loss treatment that can regenerate and promote hair growth for men and women by using your own plasma and growth factors to target areas of hair loss.

Hair follicles survive on the nutrition they get from the blood supply. PRP injections work by introducing platelets so by administering PRP in the area of damaged hair follicles healthy hair growth will be promoted.

If you feel that your hair is lacking radiance and density and the signs of ageing are beginning to take its toll, you may find that your hair loss will dramatically reduce with this simple, convenient treatment. If you are suffering with androgenetic alopecia (commonly known as male patterned balding or female patterned hair loss), alopecia areata or have recently had a hair transplant PRP therapy could help you.

PRP is selectively and carefully delivered in to specific areas with a series of injections. Before the treatment you will be assessed to see if PRP is the right treatment for you.

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